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    Green Trees Ltd are your local tree felling experts. Based in Buckingham and serving Milton Keynes, Winslow and all the villages in the local area, talk to us to get a quote for our services.

    Tree felling cost

    Tree felling prices are one of the most asked questions we get. It’s not an easy question to answer without seeing the tree in question and what your job actually entails. Our company offers professional tree felling services and the cost will depend on how many people we will need to use and how long it will take us to fell your tree. This depends on the size of the tree. Small trees obviously take a lot less time than large trees where we may need to use our specialist equipment to reach the top of the tree. It isn’t just about size. A tree that is located in a hard-to-reach area will slow us down as more hand tools may be required if we can’t get a cherry picker on site. Other factors to consider include:

    The diameter of the tree
    What type of tree it is
    The amount of overhang the tree has
    The location of the tree in relation to other buildings, public footpaths or roads
    Whether or not the stump is to be ground down after tree removal

    In the UK, a professional tree surgeon will charge roughly £200 per person per day. This will fluctuate dramatically based on the factors involved listed above. The more risk and difficulty involved, the more the treefelling will cost. Advanced tree felling techniques will be priced accordingly. Stump removal is often extra, so make sure you ask for this to be included in the quote if necessary.

    How much to fell a large tree?

    Felling large trees costs more for the reasons above. It is always best to ask us to come and have a look and give you a professional quote. Over the phone, we can only give you our best guess (which won’t be binding).

    Tree felling licence

    The Forestry Commission controls tree felling by issuing felling licences. Anyone can apply for a felling licence, and it is issued in the name of the property owner. Not every tree felling project needs a licence and this is determined by location, the type of tree work, the volume and diameter of the tree, other permissions already in place and any legal and statutory undertakings. We will help you with your licence application if required. You can read much more on the government website here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tree-felling-licence-when-you-need-to-apply

    Can I remove trees from my own property myself?

    Trees that measure up to 15cm in diameter can easily be removed as a DIY project yourself.  Felling a tree isn’t always difficult but experience is crucial in understanding unseen difficulties so we would always recommend you use a qualified, professional company such as Green Trees. Tree felling safety is paramount. This is especially true if the tree overhangs a building, public road, or pathway or if the tree you plan to remove yourself has a severe lean to it. If a Tree Preservation Order is in place, then you should also leave it to the professionals. If you don’t know how to remove a tree, don’t have the correct equipment (including safety gear) or are unsure of the precautions to take, it is best to leave even the small trees to a professional company to handle.

    What Is a Tree Preservation Order?

    Local governing authorities select specific trees or woodlands to protect and issue Tree Preservation Orders for their area. You must get written consent to fell a tree from the planning authority when this is the case. Without this, you cannot remove or trim a tree that is under such an order. Unless the tree is a danger to the public or a nearby structure, obtaining permission is very unlikely. Tree felling fines can be imposed where the preservation order is ignored.

    Arborists such as Green Trees can help you to find a suitable solution. Give us a call and we can discuss the options available to you once we’ve carried out a site inspection.

    Felling a tree with side lean

    Felling larger trees against the direction of lean is only done in exceptional cases such as when a building is in the way. It requires specialist skills, techniques and equipment. It can be dangerous to take on such a job without the right experience and qualifications.

    Tree felling with wedges

    Wedges help to make sure the tree falls where we want it to. Every tree has a natural lean and it’s in that direction a tree will fall. That’s fine if there’s nothing in the way and it’s safe to do so but life isn’t always that kind. When it’s not possible, we use wedges to redirect where that tree will land. Sometimes ropes are also used. Experience, skill, safety, insurance and an understanding of practical physics makes most tree felling a job for professionals such as us.

    For more information and to book us for your tree canopy reduction, please call us on 01280 814447.

    Green Trees Ltd are professional tree surgeons and arborists based in Buckingham near Milton Keynes.